Dress Reims

Dress Reims

TurboWear introduces Dress Reims from its Fall & Winter collection 17-18

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Since 2005, the Turbo Wear creations are present in the main cites all around the world. It was an obvious fact for this newcomer, seeking for street wear and urban spirit at its beginning. Fruit of the partnership between the designer of the french brand Pygmees and Turbo Trance Records, an electronic music label, these creations will be for long considered as a perfect combination between fashion and music.

But this apology of the so called female-DJ-look, on crossraods between Shibuya and Lara Croft changed progessively to more feminity. Without betraying its street wear origins, Turbo Wear started flirting smartly with pret-a-porter until becoming this modern brand, delighting today’s active women. As maturity arrived, plain cuts appeared. Thanks to extensible lycras and cotton or rayon jerseys, comfort became priority. Until becoming the perfect wardrobe for workings need, as well as leasure or party. But elegance is the other must. If the Pygmees influence is tangible, its interpretation is ways more classic.

Monochromy and contrasted stipes are opposed. Even cosmopolitan, the touches of hound’s-tooth patterns suggest parisian chic. If various stitching techniques are applied, the designers are favouring various kinds of prints. Flowery, abstract, baroque or geometric, the range is wide but must always stay light. As these people don’t take themselves too seriously, humour is omnipresent and plenty of funny detais are hidden between the stitches. But what would be spirit without quality?

Total exigence is required in the brand’s own factories in Bali, Indonesia, where the taylors have excellent working conditions, in the middle of the paddy fields. Until even the logo, the blue colour is dominant. If this colour, considered as cold, is definitely a relic of the urban past of the brand, the turquoise or petrol blue are glowing so much on black backgrounds, that the reds get jealous.

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