Launch of Men’s Collection – TurboWear is going back to menswear!


After a couple of seasons of focusing strictly on female clothing, TurboWear decided to break new ground and create a men’s collection -exclusively for the gents.

Our goal for the summer of 2016 in terms of menswear is to lift the stigma from the idea that men’s clothing should be reserved and conservative. No! We believe that guys should also embrace change and have fun with what they wear.

Our new collection for men is going to include a choice of original summer shorts and short-sleeved shirts designed with our signature prints and patterns. They may seem like a classic summer attire until you take a closer look and discover the subtle fun aspects of TurboWear’s decorative designs.

Men's Collection

We set out to take the traditional striped and checked motifs to another level and experiment a little with unconventional patterns. The result is a selection of lively and not-so-serious shirts that are perfect for those times when you feel like buttoning up but still dressing casual.

Unique, vibrant, and above all – comfortable.

What kinds of shirts do you like? Let us know!

– Team TurboWear